Randy Aloya is a Hawaiin world music Session Bassist and vocalist. he has worked with ukulele Virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro and his brother Bruce. he has also played for jroq, Kanalo, Fiji and has been a member of the group Kalapana.

Discography Edit

Jake Shimbukuro Edit

  • Hula Girls (2007)
  • My Life (2007)
  • Walking Down A Rainhill(2005)
  • Crosscurrent (2005)
  • Sunday Morning (2005)

Kalapana Edit

  • Alive (1981)
  • Kalapana (1977)
  • Many Classic Moments (1977)

Bruce Shimabukuro Edit

  • Bits & Pieces (2007)
  • Incognita (2005)

Jroq Edit

  • jroq vs. Dr. Trey (2004)

Kanalo Edit

  • Move (2001)

Fiji Edit

  • Evolution (1995)

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