Lloyd "Mooseman" Roberts was an American heavy metal, punk and rap Bassist. He is best remembered for his tenure in the band Body Count. He was killed in a random shooting in front of a hardware store in South Central, Los Angeles on 22 February 2001. Mooseman was touring with Iggy Pop at this time and had recorded the album Beat 'Em Up with him. Iggy Pop later released the album, dedicating it to the late musician.


Body Count Edit

  • 1992: Body Count
  • 1994: Born Dead

Ice T Edit

  • Home Invasion
  • O.G. Original Gangsta

Iggy Pop Edit

  • 2001: Beat 'Em Up

Other Edit

  • 1993: Stone Free: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix
  • Trepass (soundtrack)
  • Just Say Anything: Volume V of Just Say Yes

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